GIP 2.99 on openSUSE 42.2

michael norman michaeltnorman at
Sat Mar 18 05:59:06 PDT 2017

On 18/03/17 11:45, RS wrote:
>> From: Budge Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2017 10:58
>> I am also running Leap 42.2 and just tried your pid. It worked fine
>> and media info gave me:-
> Your example is not quite the same.  Michael has used --tvmode=hlshd
> whereas you seem to have used --tvmode=hvfxsd.
> You have got a lot more information from Mediainfo than I have seen.
> What parameters do I need to use to get all that information?
Surely the tv mode used makes no difference to whether or not ffmpeg can 
convert the file ?

As I said in another reply the downloads complete, they are .ts files 
which VLC will play.  So the problem I deduce to be with ffmpeg.  Either 
the version I'm using or perhaps that GIP doesn't know where to find it.

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