GIP 2.99 on openSUSE 42.2

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Fri Mar 17 13:30:12 PDT 2017

On Fri Mar 17 19:07:30 GMT 2017, michael norman wrote:

> Dunno what to try next
> perhaps create another user
> and see it that works ?

Hi Michael

In complete foreign territories here,
as an exclusive Windows user, but
starting with your provided log:

> failed at /usr/bin/get_iplayer line 2075

and assuming (by all looks of it) you're on GiP 2.99,
line 2075


$procid = open3( 0, $fh_child_out, $fh_child_err, @cmd );

This initially does not strike a reference to FFmpeg, its path or version,
but little do I know...
I would hard reboot my system to open up
resources for whatever process is trying to
be started by the GiP script; in the code
adjacent to L2075 there's mention of module
IPC::Open3, but uncertain if that applies to
your OS...
Another thing is to create a verbose log for
your GiP run, to make troubleshooting easier...
Sorry I can't be more helpful...


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