get_iplayer data sources restored

Graham Temple (gmail) graham.j.temple at
Thu Mar 16 04:42:08 PDT 2017

Yes, it ran fine for a bit but now I am getting a new message every time I
try and do anything.

No schedules again and if you run the PVR:

Running PVR Searches:
Can't call method "new" on an undefined value at line 1829.
PVR Run complete

Or if trying a record using the URL in the PVR

Recording The Following Programmes - -

Can't call method "new" on an undefined value at line 1829.
Recording complete

What is this "can't call method "new" on an undefined value at line 1829" relating to?

I admit I am still on 2.94 because it has continued to do everything I need
until now (apart from the recent problem affecting everyone).  If upgrading
would cure it I can do, but it did work fine again this morning to start

Many thanks


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On Wed Mar 15 21:01:49 GMT 2017, d.lake at wrote: 

> All that had happened was it had gone bugger-up for a few days...
> We can all stop panicking now then :-)

... I certainly don't want to burst your bubble, but if the notice shown
when the feeds were down is to be taken seriously:

>> In May 2017, regrettably, this system will permanently cease 
>> producing XML and rdf outputs.

then "panic" will resume in 6 weeks' time for sure...


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