VERSION-get_iplayer Says 2.94.

RS richard22j at
Wed Mar 15 04:01:11 PDT 2017

>From: Vangelis forthnet Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 05:27

>On Wed Mar 15 01:41:50 GMT 2017, tellyaddict wrote:

>> For the time being I have downgraded back to 2.96
> >because it can see more metadata than 2.99 can.
> >As 2.96 can see more metadata,
> >downloads are still getting filenames that mean something.
> >2.99 cannot see enough metadata to make a meaningful filename.

Is v2.96 still available anywhere?  I have got the 2.96.1 .zip file for the 
Windows installer, but I can't find a file in it.

> Being of an inquisitive nature, I decided
>to conduct some experiments to investigate
>the "filename" issue you have reported...

I second Alan's comment that your analysis was, as always, fascinating.
I found that for at least some programmes 2.99 found a useable <title>
Have you looked at that?

I don't know if there is any connection with what you say about embedded 
thumbnails, but I have noticed when playing radio files in VLC sometimes it 
displays an image the size of a postage stamp and for other programmes the 
image is the full height of the window.

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