No programme schedules?

Chris Marriott skymap62 at
Tue Mar 14 05:33:19 PDT 2017

Thanks, Richard. I've installed GiP 2.99 and that works fine. As you kindly 
pointed out, "--mode=hlsstd" gets me the same size file I had previously 
with "flashhigh". I'm not getting the program name as the filename but that 
is of course related to the removal of the metadata feeds.

I'm very grateful for the assistance.


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>From: Chris Marriott Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 08:17

>What am I doing wrong, please? When I try to download using a PID it fails. 
>Eg, I'm trying to download episode 3 of "Meet the Lords". I type:

>get_iplayer --mode=flashhigh --pid=b08jljrn

Try upgrading to v2.99 and using --tvmode=hlsstd,hlsxstd,hvflow

Flash has not been removed from v2.99, but it soon will be.  Flashhigh no
longer exists in v2.99.  I am assuming you want Flashstd, 640x360 25fps.
The equivalent is HLSstd.  Otherwise choose the mode you want from

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