No programme schedules?

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Mon Mar 13 17:24:18 PDT 2017

According to Dinky, the latest break at the BBC end means that "The BBC 
has (temporarily?) removed the schedule information used by get_iplayer 
to refresh its programme index cache, leading to repeated "WARNING: 
Failed to download programme schedule" messages and no new programmes 
being added to the cache."

I should point out that downloading of programmes already in the cache 
is unaffected.

For that reason, anyone reinstalling their OS and/or GIP would be well 
advised to take a copy of the cache files (radio.cache and tv.cache, you 
might as well also copy the download_history and options files too. In 
Windows, they are located in "C:\Users\yourusername\.get_iplayer". It's 
then a matter of copying them over into the new installation and that 
way at least you can continue downloading programmes already in the cache!



On 14/03/2017 05:52, Anthony Kehoe wrote:
> On 13 March 2017 at 13:58, Mark Carroll <mtbc at> wrote:
>> get_iplayer 2.99 isn't downloading programme schedules for me at the
>> moment. Further, when I check the URLs manually, they warn,
>>> In May 2017, regrettably, this system will permanently cease producing
>>> XML and rdf outputs.

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