1280x720 25fps

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Sat Mar 4 14:00:55 PST 2017

On Sat Mar 4 09:10:58 GMT 2017, cc wrote:

> to find  the 1280x720 25fps format
> for  the  progs i wanted to download
> has it been discontinued?

Not that I see; the BBC continue to provide the 720p25 encode
via the legacy RTMP streams (--tvmode=flashhd) and the legacy
AppleHLS streams (--tvmode=hlshd).
They have publicly announced many months ago that the RTMP
streams are to be completely phased out, though this promise
hasn't yet materialised; next version of GiP, however, will have
its RTMP support removed, even if the BBC continues to offer
RTMP  streams for a while longer...

No word was given on the eventual removal of the legacy
(the non-Video-Factory ones) AppleHLS streams, I'd
hazard a guess and say they'll be the next to go, leaving
only the Video Factory AdobeHDS (not supported by GiP),
AppleHLS and MPEG-DASH streams; with the demise of
the Flash plugin in modern browsers, I see a near future
where only (VF) AppleHLS and MPEG-DASH streams
are employed by the iPlayer Service...

> using get_iplayer xxx --info I have not been [un]able

I just ran

perl get_iplayer-299.pl --pid=b008lyr3 -i | FindStr modes

(custom windows installation) and got:

modes:          original: 

Both "flashhd1" and "hlshd1" are present inside available modes. Comparing 
result to yours, one can see that:
1. You are missing the DASH tvmodes [dvf(hd|sd|xsd|xhigh|low)] over HTTPS,
i.e. you are only getting 2 (instead of 4) "CDN" variants for each dvf 
quality; NB
there really only exist 2, but the Beeb provides the same 2 both over plain 
and secure HTTPS protocols...
2. You are missing all the "hls" tvmodes, including the hlshd1 one you're 

My gut feeling is this is due to your internet connection - it appears you 
accessing the service from France (or I might be wrong and you're only using
an e-mail registered to a French ISP). Try to change your DNS servers, if
that's the reason why the hls modes (hostname="cp401489-vh.akamaihd.net")
are not correctly resolved.
If you are employing some other means to access the iPlayer service, then
most probably your SmartDNS, HTTP proxy, VPN etc. are to blame for
your predicament - not a GiP issue in itself...
I am afraid my hands are tied up; providing further assistance for non-UK
TV access is frowned upon here (especially since the law changed back
in September) and had you posted in the forums (where the look up
members' IP addresses) you would have got yourself a locked thread...


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