Tag option "--prefs-add --tag-fulltitle"

Simon Morgan s.morgan at skm.org.uk
Thu Mar 2 07:17:36 PST 2017

In fairness to the get_iplayer maintainer, the v2.98 release notes advised
us of the demise of the "fulltitle" option AND supplied the new option which
achieved the same thing (and more if required). 

The lesson for me is to read the release notes carefully for each new
version and not skim over them as I did.

Mea culpa, RTFM is still ringing in my ears.

Simon Morgan

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> >The option I had previously used had been removed in v2.98 - I should
> >have read the release notes more carefully.
> >My options file now contains   tag_formattitle <name>: <episodeshort>
> which
> >is exactly what I wanted.
> I'm glad you got it sorted out, and thanks for sharing the solution.  I
> have commented on backwards compatibility before,  so I won't repeat
> it.  Some features withdrawn in v2.98 were temporarily restored in
> v2.99.  I do wonder how much time is being wasted investigating these
> problems.
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