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I have tried so hard to stay of this one, but my will has been 

On 01/03/2017 21:15, Peter S Kirk wrote:
> On 28 Feb 2017 at 22:40, michael norman michael norman
> <michaeltnorman at> wrote:
>> Best thing might be not to post links from the Mail which hates the BBC
>> to a pro BBC list. As others have said the Mail is not a reliable source
>> for anything.
> The Mail is a reliable source for news BBC/Grun refuse to report and for
> Investigative Journalism such as this Capita behaviour story. Previous
> include Charity fund raising extortion.
Yes, there are things on which the DM has reported and others haven't. 
One of the reasons is that [perhaps more so with the website than the 
papers(s)], so much of what is published is not verified/verifiable. 
That aside, the example
your example about Capita is unforunate as it was broken ages before by 
Private Eye, which is where the DM picks up many of its better stories 
(and usually fails to attribute them). But it would no doubt be a step 
too far to expect you to recognise this as I have little doubt that you 
would brand PE as 'ultra left'.

> To dismiss everything in DM as "fake news", "right-wing", "extremist" is as
> nonsensical as stating every article in The Grun is true facts.
> Don't forget DM editor was pro Brexit, Mail On Sunday editor was pro
> Remain.
Your point about the opposing Brexit views of the DM and the MoS is 
correct - but basically because the two editors hate each other with a 
vengeance which over-rides any possibility of them coming to a common 
viewpoint - and not just on Europe.
> If DM/MoS were as bad/fake as so many claim they would be bust rather than
> profitable highest selling non-RedTop.
We need a wide range of published news and views, but there has to be 
some accountability for 'false news' (as opposed to 'views' & 
editorials) and it is difficult to see that happening whilstever our 
press is effectively owned by 'non-doms' and others who are allowed to 
exploit our tax loopholes for their own advantage. That goes for 
Murdoch, Rothermere, the Barclay Brothers, Lebedev and others - & I do 
not exclude the Guardian from this list as some of the Scott Trust 
business is off-shored too.

Can we please now put these rants to an end? No-one is going to persuade 
anyone else to change their views so what is the point? It's just 
filling my mail box with bile...............

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