Subtitle bug?

RS richard22j at
Sat Jul 29 08:52:20 PDT 2017

I found the answer to this while looking for something else in the 
documentation, so maybe it isn't a bug.

If I use --start and --stop to extract part of a recording, get_iplayer 
downloads the whole of the original subtitles file without any adjustment of 
the times.  The result is that the subtitles are way out of sync with the 
programme.  I did think I was going to have to find a subtitle editor to 
adjust them.  What I discovered while looking for something else is that 
there is a --suboffset parameter.  get_iplayer adds the offset to the times 
in the .srt file, so it makes things worse.  I eventually discovered that 
Perl will accept a negative number as a parameter value, so I was able to 
make the adjustment in the direction I wanted.

Is there any reason why get_iplayer cannot adjust subtitles automatically 
when --start is specified, or at least give a warning drawing attention to 
the need to set --suboffset?

In case anyone wants to reproduce what I did , this is the command I ended 
up with.

get_iplayer --pid=b08yf3wk --type=tv --tvmode=hlshd --start=01:08:46 --stop=03:03:40 
 --subtitles --suboffset=-4132000

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