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> That was an aside.  My original question was why the BBC was using a
> 44.1kHz sampling rate for its podcasts (which are MP3) instead of
> standardising on 48kHz throughout.  Dave Lambley thought the reason
> might be that the LAME encoder had been tuned for a 44.1kHz sample
> rate.  There are certainly posts in hydrogenaudio which support that. 
> One on the dbpoweramp forum said there were dire consequences of
> encoding a 48kHz sample rate as 320kbit/s MP3.
> https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?14876-terrible-sound-quality-with-lame-mp3-48Khz

Apologies that I've not yet followed this up. As things stand I remain
puzzled by why the BBC do this as it isn't what I'd have expected! 

Afraid I've been distracted by something rather OT which is meaning I'm
spending lots of time burrowing though ancient notebooks, photos, etc... 
but I can't resist mentioning in passing now. :-) I'm in the process of
writing a sort of 'working history' which is appearing (slowly) at


Currently going through Hawai'i and UKIRT photos to work out when each of
them was taken for the next page(s).

However I'll email someone I know in case they can find say why the BBC
have been doing podcasts in this way. I'd not noticed because I've never
used the podcasts.


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