Quacks - iPlayer release before broadcast

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Mon Aug 21 08:27:14 PDT 2017

Try   --future.

On Monday, 21 August 2017 16:16:36 BST RS wrote:
> >Sent: Monday, August 21, 2017 15:46  I wrote
> >
> > A programme does not need to be in the cache to be downloaded. Some
> > metadata may not be available, but most of the time get_iplayer can
> > retrieve it from other sources.  In this case I can download the episodes
> > one at a time using the episode PIDs.  I can download all the episodes
> > using the series PID and --pid-recursive.
> Perhaps I should have made clear that I am talking about a new feature of
> the iPlayer.  Normally a programme or episode is made available in the
> iPlayer a few hours after broadcast.  In the case of Quacks, all 6 episodes
> are being made available in the iPlayer simultaneously as can be seen on the
> programme page
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p0596d3l
> even though most of the episodes have not yet been broadcast.  The captions
> for all episodes indicate that they were first shown on  15 August 2017 but
> that is only true for the first episode.  At present get_iplayer is treating
> the episodes as not being available until broadcast.
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