New radio PIDs

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sat Aug 12 22:30:57 PDT 2017

 On Sun, Aug 13th 2017, Support Forum member "cje768" wrote:

 As things stand, GiP expects every valid 8-character alphanumeric PID 
to begin with either "b0" or "p0".

 New radio PIDs like "w3csv1y9" or "w3csvnyc", beginning with "w3",
are discarded as invalid, hence GiP does not retrieve any streamdata
for those... :-(

 I am not a regex/perl specialist (quite the opposite, major dunce!),
but in my local copy of get_iplayer 3.01-windows.0 I replaced
every instance of




and was thus able to fetch --pid=w3csv1y9;
still unsure as to whether other aspects of GiP
are broken by the above patch...
A stopgap solution, I guess...
(You can't teach an old dog new tricks,
or so the saying goes... Am afraid too old
to pick up learning perl from scratch :-( )

Happy Sunday, all!

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