Generate .cue from timestamp for long program

RS richard22j at
Wed Aug 2 03:13:31 PDT 2017

>From: Live Musicfs
>Sent: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 09:27

>Radio 3 Iplayer provides timestamp and track title to seek each piece of 
>music quickly, in long program like concert and “Throughout the Night".

>The current Get_iplayer writes these timestamp to "Lyrics" embedded in .m4a 
>file, it will be  very helpful to build a .cue file from it.

>However, one problem is that the timestamp listed in webpage and audio 
>player is different. Webpage timestamp is the planned time by editors, 
>while >audio player time stamp is the actual time in live broadcast (the 
>time for news and other broadcast is variable).

This doesn't seem to work for the Proms or opera, or is it only for some 
values of --radiomode?  For example Prom 3 with --radiomode=dafhigh has 
Lyrics: and Comment: strings which I cannot copy and paste either from 
Mediainfo or VLC.  They give the name of the conductor, orchestra, soloist, 
radio presenter and brief details of the works played, but no timing 

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