Linux PVR Broken?

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Sat Oct 29 18:01:44 PDT 2016

On Wed Oct 26 23:18:18 BST 2016, Budge wrote:

> You do not, of course, need a defence.
> (snip)
> Sorry I didn't go straight to it as you pointed out.

... You don't have to be apologetic...
I'm notorious for not providing one(or two)-liners as
replies to people's queries - I tend to be verbose and
analytic; sorry, but this is how I function as a person :-)
I realise this causes sometimes a single tree to be missed
inside the forrest...

> While on the subject of prefs I use:-
> tvmode = flashhd,hvfvhigh,flashvhigh,hvfhigh
> (snip)
> I note there are still references to deprecated options
> in the text which comes up after a download

... The deprecation messages are due to the flashmodes
inside your user prefs; I have written about it in the past
in that the messages are benign forewarnings of the coder's
intention to remove them in a future major release of GiP;
you are not committing something out of place if you continue
using them, for as long as they are available.
TBH, I myself often still use them for both radio (& video),
because they have the added advantage of resumability,
which comes handy in the case of erratic/flakey internet
connections; both the hvf and hls modes can't be resumed
(an inherent flaw of FFmpeg/Perl downloader).

It is generally admitted by most UK users that the hls/hvf
modes are quite faster than the flash ones, but YMMV.
At my end, flashhd/flashvhigh2 (both on the AkamaiCDN)
are quite fast, so I usually observe the following speedwise:

hls(hd|vhigh) > flash(hd|vhigh2) >= hvfvhigh2

> I am also not sure which is the correct way
> to get "hd" resolution with only 25fps.
> (snip)
> would be grateful for advice on best practice
> and getting fully up to date.

... Assuming you're on GiP 2.96+, have a read of:

I think tv25fps is the one you're after, which is
a shortcut (alias) for:


It doesn't include  flashmodes; regarding those:

If you're happy sticking with flashmodes for as long as
they are with us, you can also include flashhd:

get_iplayer --tvmode=flashhd,tv25fps --prefs-add

(will first try flashhd over RTMP).

Another possibly interesting read in the wiki is:

Remember, when in doubt, most subjects are
already covered in the wiki, thanks to dinkypumpkin!

Best regards,

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