Beeb encoding different programs at quite different framerates

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Fri Oct 28 10:40:09 PDT 2016

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>This "issue" (not a real GiP one) has come up
>once before in this list, in a thread started by terry:


>(more verbose explanation from my humble self at

Thanks Vangelis for the very helpful  explanation.  You say it is not a GiP 
issue, and I can't disagree.  The video has been over-compressed.  This is 
more extreme than the example in the documents you refer to.  It looks 
really weird to see the percentage and time left counting down and the 
conversion suddenly starting at 27%, as though a large part of the file is 

As an off-topic aside, I can't help wondering what possessed the BBC or its 
CDN to compress 720p50 video at 1500kbit/s.  The picture is very fuzzy and 
is more like 480i.

Like you I avoid the 50fps modes.  If I can I use HLSHD with fallback to 
FlashHD and HVFvhigh.  I had no idea the BBC was using frame doubling to 
achieve 50fps.  It seems an idiotic waste of bandwidth.

Neither of these seems in keeping with

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