Beeb encoding different programs at quite different framerates

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Fri Oct 28 01:32:41 PDT 2016

Wow, that's crazy, although I've just noticed that the hlshd version was 
fine at around 1GB, a video bit rate of 2300 kbps.

I've noticed this in the past and wondered why different programmes in 
the same series sometimes come in a vastly differing rates. In fairness, 
though it's not that common an occurrence but obviously it is noticeable 
when a file size is significantly different to what was expected.


On 28/10/16 07:13, Nick Payne wrote:
> Well, the size keeps shrinking. The very latest episode of The Fall
> (just downloaded using hvfhd1 but not yet watched) is down to 647Mb for
> 59 minutes of 1280x720 at 50fps, video bit rate 1403kbps. This is about 2/3
> the size of the old flashhd GiP 1280x720 at 25fps downloads, which used to
> always run around the 1Gb mark for an hour long program.
> On 28/10/2016 6:43 AM, CJB wrote:
>> I too have noticed strange differences when replaying video files
>> which should have had almost identical metadata. BTW I use the default
>> settings on the Windows PVR all of the time. I always use VLC to
>> playback downloads. Recently I have downloaded two programmes - one
>> payed smoothly with well sync'd audio - the other was 'jerky' with
>> well out of sync'd audio. I shall have to look at the properties. CJB
>> On 27/10/2016, Nick Payne <njhp94 at> wrote:
>>> The video quality seems perfectly fine in both cases, but I was
>>> surprised to see that one download was more than twice the size of the
>>> other, both being virtually the same duration and at the same resolution
>>> and frame rate. I just compared recently downloaded episodes of The Fall
>>> and The Missing. The audio in both files is 125kbps AAC, the difference
>>> is all in the video. Both downloaded using --modes=hlsbest.
>>> The Fall: 59m 30s, 1280x720, 50fps, video bit rate 1976 kbps, file size
>>> 898Mb
>>> The Missing: 58m 54s, 1280x720, 50fps, video bit rate 4549 kbps, file
>>> size 1.93Gb
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