BBC iPlayer RSS feeds including signed/audio-described

Mike Ralphson mike.ralphson at
Wed Oct 26 10:31:24 PDT 2016

Vangelis wrote:
>> Please report any issues at

It's fine to report them here too as long as no-one else minds?

> but found it also includes radio programmes; e.g.

>Beeb's fault?

As you have rightly guessed, this is down to how the BBC organise themselves into a Radio Player and an iPlayer which has both radio and TV programmes available. When the current feeds are switched off, and I move the RSS adaptor to Nitro, this problem will go away. I'm loath to do it yet as Nitro is still rather slow in comparison. Apologies, I forgot to mention this issue, as I'm normally only concerned with radio programmes.

> Currently GiP relies on the schedule feeds,
> hopefully your rss feeds will be of use if/when
> something "designed to better user experience"
> happens again and kills the schedule feeds, too ;-(

As above, the current version is at the mercy of the /programmes feeds which are likely to disappear at the same time as the schedule feeds used by GiP. But the migration path to Nitro is there and tested.

Cheers, Mike

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