BBC iPlayer RSS feeds including signed/audio-described

Mike Ralphson mike.ralphson at
Wed Oct 26 07:44:10 PDT 2016

David Cantrell wrote:
>> ... unofficial BBC iPlayer RSS adaptor ...

>Oh wow, how did I miss these? Thanks!

Sorry, they were plugged on the get_iplayer forum, but this is the first announcement here.

>> Please report any issues at

>And thanks for publishing the source too - I expect I'll be able to use
>that to resurrect my keyword search RSS feeds.

You can generate any keyword-search based RSS feed dynamically at

Just remember to URL encode the search term as above (i.e. replacing spaces with %20).

See the 'custom search' box and Generate button to do it manually.

I hope the source is useful. You may need a BBC searchSuggest API key to use the same search as this does (they are available if you know where to look), but there are alternative search endpoints (for now). Examples:

Cheers, Mike

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