How to set up exclusions in options file?

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Tue Oct 4 17:41:29 PDT 2016

On 04/10/16 23:57, RS wrote:
>> From: Alan Milewczyk
>> Sent: Monday, October 3, 2016 12:53
>> Since 320kbps was introduced as a download option for radio, I'm 
>> taking the opportunity to upgrade various recordings I have on file 
>> from the previous 128kbps. I've been doing this by including the 
>> --force option in my download batch file.
>> The problem is that in some cases I am now getting the "podcast" 
>> version in addition to the usual "original" version of the programme. 
>> Is there a way of excluding "podcast" in the options file?
> If there is a way of doing it I am sure Vangelis will find one. 

Hehehe, true! :-)

> In the meantime I was wondering whether was an option like --version 
> original but I don't think there is.  What I did spot was that 
> according to
> under Search Options, podcast is a type.  If you have specified
> --type radio
> and are getting a podcast that would appear to be a bug.  Could it be 
> you have specified --type all?

No, the radio batch file in question specifies type=radio.

I was looking for something like --version-exclude=podcast but this 
isn't recognised as a valid switch.

Further examination reveals that the "podcast" version is downloaded 
when the "original" version is already in the current download directory 
and when I do a --force. It would appear that "podcast" is both a "type" 
and a "version".

By the way, I am searching/downloading on the programme name, not the PID.


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