get_iplayer currently broken...

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Fri Jan 15 02:37:39 PST 2016

On Thu Jan 14 17:41:43 GMT 2016, C E Macfarlane wrote: 

>> Thanks Christopher,
> Charles. 

My most sincere apologies for getting your 
Christian name mixed up...
As said earlier in the thread, I am currently 
under a serious spell of the flu and while typing  
I must have mistaken you for Christopher Woods, 
another esteemed member of this list, 
with whom I had an exchange in 
a recent list thread...
Genuinely sorry for that...

> It's a pretty safe bet that the directory 
> containing the ffmpeg program file
> has not been added to the PATH environment variable.
> Therefore, simply, Alan must either ...
> 1) Specify the full path to the program file as you suggest.
> ... or ...
> 2) Add the path to the PATH environment variable, as I suggest.

... I most certainly was not trying to 
diminish the merit of your advice to Alan; 
my puzzle: 

>> I can't say why it's not working in your case...

came as a direct result of what Alan himself wrote 
(and we haven't heard from him again for a 
possible clarification): 

>> I was pasting the command in a DOS box, 
>> (snip)
>> then in the subfolder in which  ffmpeg.exe resides.

When I (and I suppose everyone else) 
a) CD in the command prompt to a 
folder "in which  ffmpeg.exe resides" or 
b) open directly the command prompt 
in a folder "in which  ffmpeg.exe resides", 
then any typed command in the form of: 

ffmpeg <arguments> 

DOES WORK without having previously added 
the absolute path to that folder (containing 
"ffmpeg.exe") to the system/user 
PATH environment variable...

> But that doesn't mean the OP shouldn't do it.

Which is precisely why I provided the 
link to the stackoverflow article at the 
end of my post...

> Frankly, the rest of your post is unnecessary 
> and therefore considerably muddies 
> the waters for zero gain.

Frankly, I do not understand clearly to what 
parts exactly of the "rest" of my post you are 
Yes, I can take the critisism and I do acknowledge 
I often end up being more verbose that 
what may be acceptable in the constraints 
of a mailing list (this is not a personal blog, 
I do realise that...) but my intention was most 
definitely NOT TO MUDDY WATERS. 
I included references to the right-click 
"Open Command Window here" "trick" 
and to the Zeranoe FFmpeg builds simply as 
another means of eventual help to Windows 
users reading (not just Alan...). 

And if you were indeed vexed by my 
comment about my personal past ill 
experience with adding things to PATH, 
then that was simply that - a personal 
comment which I think it's OK (or at 
least I thought till now) to express publicly; 
I did not explicitly discourage anyone 
to not add to PATH whatever .exe they feel 
they ought to, a relevant link was provided 
for that, too!

I honestly hope all mud is washed away now...

Most kind regards, 

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