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Colin Law clanlaw at
Fri Jan 8 14:00:05 PST 2016

On 8 January 2016 at 19:02, artisticforge . <artisticforge at> wrote:
> hello
> I am closer to the grave than the cradle and very microsecond counts.
> I may sit around all day in a wheelchair but my time is still my time.
> If I can do something a little faster, complete a little sooner, so
> much the better.
> Concerning radio programs on SD cards.
> The last time I was in the Hospital my adult children would bring me
> the radio dramas that I had been listening to on an
> SD card so that I may listen to them at my leisure. The average life
> of the PNY 4GB SD card was less than 2 weeks.
> Went Read only.
> a PNY 8GB USB Drive lasted 6 weeks.
> it just went dark. a mini brick.
> SD card belong in cameras or cellular telephones.

I have an SD card running continuously (running Kodi) in a pi for
nearly two years, one in a Sheeva Plug running Ubuntu continuously for
four years (collecting weather data and posting to website) and one in
a joggler running about 15 hours/day (running a browser interface to
my weather web site) for several years (I did have to replace that one
after a couple of years I think).  I agree that if using get-iplayer
intensively then saving data to an SD card would not be appropriate
but if one just collected a few radio programmes each week (as I do,
mostly) then it would be no problem at all.

I am not trying to say that using an SD card would be appropriate for
all users, but it depends on the use pattern.  Perhaps it also depends
on the quality of the cards or the quality of the kit it is being used


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