Jump to time when streaming.

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Mon Jan 4 02:16:57 PST 2016

On Sun Jan 3 20:57:05 GMT 2016, MS wrote:

> 1. Start get_iplayer streaming a video in the usual way but using the -v
> option (verbose). After the video has started close vlc to end the
> streaming.
> 2. Scoll up the terminal output to the (very long) rtmpdump command line
> which on my system begins with: INFO: Command: "/usr/bin/rtmpdump"
> 3. Paste the whole command line into the terminal adding "--start
> NUM_SECS | vlc -" at the end.
> Hey presto the video starts at the required time.
> Perhaps someone in the development team might consider adding a
> "--stream-start-at num_secs" option?

First, Happy New Year :-)

You need not do the steps above, as the GiP "--start" option
does exactly that already (from get_iplayer --long-help):

--start <secs|hh:mm:ss>  Recording/streaming start offset (HLS, rtmp and 
realaudio only)

pid=b06s6l5d is the 3hr long Christmas Day Official Chart on Radio 1.
You are obviously not on Windows ("terminal" was mentioned),
but here on Windows x86 if I use an incantation like:

get_iplayer-294.pl --type=radio --pid=b06s6l5d --radiomode=flashaac --raw --stream 
 --start 01:30:00 | "F:\Applications\VLC Portable\VLC 2.1.x 
Portable\vlc-2.1.5\vlc.exe" --file-caching=30000 -

then VLC starts the stream playback exactly at its halfway point:


The above command is particular to my own setup,
modify accordingly...
get_iplayer --type=radio --pid=<pid> --radiomode=flashaac --raw --stream --start 
<hh:mm:ss> | "path-to\vlc.exe" --file-caching=30000 - )

--file-caching is the VLC stream buffer size; increase the value, if your 
connection is flaky...
But the stream is being played back as it is being fetched by rtmpdump,
so no, I could not seek forward in time with VLC... :-(

Kind regards,

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