320kbps radio audio available via MPEG-DASH

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Fri Jan 1 07:40:14 PST 2016

In article <56868EC3.60602 at jls-radio.com>, James Scholes
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> Jim web wrote:
> > When I was talking to some people at the BBC months ago to write about
> > the then-new "Audio Factory" changes they told me that the end-aim was
> > to provide 320k aac streams for all the 'UK' radio stations - i.e.
> > radios 1,2,3,4, etc. Thus ending the situation where radio 3 got
> > special treatment. ('Local' and 'Regional' stations may remain at at
> > lower standard as they are handled slightly differently.)

> This is far from exhaustive, but just to note that programs from BBC
> Radio Leeds also seem to be available in 320k AAC_LC.  More testing is
> required.

OK, thanks. FWIW my last conversation on this with the relevant BBC people
I know was some months ago. So far as I could tell at that time the
end-status for the various streams was still 'To Be Decided' in the light
of experience. In principle all radio could be 320k aac. But it wasn't then
clear what would become practical, or when.

Once the Hogmanay break is over I'll ask some more questions and see if I
can do an 'update' on how things have developed.


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