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Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sun Feb 21 15:15:27 PST 2016

On Sun Feb 21 19:37:36 GMT 2016, CJB wrote:

> Using the Windows PVM I did a search for
> channel contains 'three' - there were 142 listed.

... That number mustn't be correct.
I force-refreshed the TV cache, then I
searched for "three", search in "Channel"
and programme type (ticked) "BBC TV"
(BBC Radio unticked): 90 entries were found.

 The oldest in my tv.cache (added 6d 9h ago)
(Comedy Feeds: Series 4: Radges, pid=p02rn2wn)
was last time on TV on Wed 10 Feb 2016 02:40
(as per )
so it shouldn't still be inside the TV cache
in the first place (???).

 The most recent entry to my tv.cache is
Don't Tell the Bride: Series 10: Bridezillas & Bromances,
pid=b06vhllw, last on TV today (22 Feb 2016 03:00),
as shown by:
So that does confirm tellyaddict's statement:

> BBC Three is actually still broadcasting
> programmes between 2 and 4am
> and these are also appearing on iPlayer

and with a little search I arrived at:

So, despite
redirecting you to ,
the schedules feeds (which GiP uses) do have content;
so perhaps the following 2.95dev commit

was a tad premature...
And using a 2.95dev snapshot previous to git-ac6e830

perl --type=livetv --pid=bbc_three --force --modes=hvflow2

does produce a recording (BBC Three is off air),
which means that although there's no more an
odfficial iplayer "Watch Live" page
the feed itself is still alive...
The night owls amongst you may check if it is still
actually possible to record (with GiP) the "vampire"
zone 0200-0400 !
BTW, GiP 2.94 is broken when it comes to Live TV
(due to changes on the beeb's end), so don't try that!


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