Windows 10

Don Grunbaum (Gmail) don.grunbaum at
Tue Feb 16 12:03:21 PST 2016

Thanks Jon, but I'm certain that it didn't relate to the BBC outage - 
that gave a totally different error on my existing XP machine.

On 10 the command wasn't even "trying" - command exit code 1 means 
that the command is unrecognised (according to Lord Google).


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> [...]
>> I uninstalled and re-installed and hey presto it works.
> most likely "hey presto it works" would have applied if you'd done
> nothing and just tried again.  like I said, your problem coincided
> with the BBC turning off things on their website which they've now
> turned back on again.
> But glad you're up and running.
> Jon 

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