Download Problems

David WIDGERY widgery.david at
Mon Feb 15 01:07:03 PST 2016


Please forgive me if I am misunderstanding the current problem, but as I understand it the bbc have done something that means that we can no longer get a full index of programs available. But you can download a program if you know its pid.

If I remember correctly a year or so ago when we had major problems there were discussions about scouring the bbc website to build the index that way, this was rejected for lots of good reasons.

But most of us do not need a list of all the programs, just the ones we are interested in, is there an easy way from a CLI to search the website and extract the pids and (possibly other required data) of programs using keywords, (eg "pointless" , "death in paradise" etc) possibly even using the websites built in search facility.

I realise that you have to know what you want beforehand and is not an ideal solution, but might help as a stopgap.

It is 20 years since I have done any programming and have never tried to interigrate a website so if there are lots of obvious reasons why my suggestion won't please forgive my ignorance.


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