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Sun Feb 14 17:45:40 PST 2016


Okay, what I kept from writing was that the other person's first mistake was
using Microsoft anything. The compound mistake was using Windows 10.

Given those fundamental mistakes it is extremely difficult to fix the problem
without suggesting that the other person install Ubuntu/Debian Linux or get a
Mac. Get a raspberry pi/banana pi/orange pi .

the banana pi m3 looks very interesting, one on order
the orange pi latest version is very interesting also on order.

On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 2:07 PM, d4x <d4xvmhrd at> wrote:

> artisticforge said
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,
> Sat Feb 13 11:02:06 PST 2016
> sorry, but i am keeping my fingers and mouth shut. ;-)
> i know that there are many others thinking exactly what I am thinking
> but it shall remain unwritten and unspoken.
> nah! don't get it, guess I am of the few
> Is it a Windows 10  slag off maybe?
> First thing the original poster might try would perhaps be to try another
> browser, eg Firefox? Basically Microsoft lost the browser wars I think

terry l. ridder ><>

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