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I have not watched it yet so I am unable to answer your question.
yes, i did download the "best" which is the default option I have set.
I had assumed wrongly that Linuxmint 64bit was up to date on apps.
obviously it is not.
I used mp4tags to tag the file without any issues. required some minimal
editing of the AtomicParsley command.

Given the end of year events[1] I found the humour refreshing.

[1] - december 20th, 2016 my friend and companion my dog of 12 years 2
months & 2 days died suddenly.
december 26th, 2016 two friends the same age as me died suddenly at
their homes. They went to bed Christmas
night and did not wake up Boxing day. Died in their sleep.

On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 12:04 PM, RS <richard22j at> wrote:
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>> Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2016 14:42
>> i was saving off Dances with Wolves
>> You must be off your block thinking I'm going to tag a file that is at
>> LEAST 6237009767 bytes long.
> That's because you downloaded the 720p50 HVFHD mode.  Did the action
> sequences look a lot better at the 50Hz frame rate?  The  720p25 HLSHD mode
> is only 2.8GByte.
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