Failed recordings

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Wed Dec 21 12:44:35 PST 2016

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Subject: Failed recordings

> All attempts to record radio or TV using the most recent versions of 
> have failed.  Reverting to the version released on 15 
> December solves the problem.  I'm running the CGI version in Firefox 
> Portable x64 50.1, under Win7 Pro x64.  A sample error message, 
> wrapped by  my mailer:
> INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
> INFO: Checking existence of original version
> INFO: 
> dashmed1,dashmed2,dashmed3,dashmed4,hafmed1,hafmed2,dashlow1,dashlow2,dashlow3,dashlow4,haflow1,haflow2,hlsaaclow1 
> modes will be tried for version original
> INFO: Trying dashmed1 mode to record radio: I'm Sorry I Haven't A 
> Clue:  Series 66 - 6. Episode 6
> INFO: File name prefix = 
> Im_Sorry_I_Havent_A_Clue_Series_66_-_6._Episode_6_b08578tr_original
> Unterminated \g... pattern in regex; marked by <-- HERE in 
> m/C:\Program  Files (x86)\g <-- HERE et_iplayer\iPlayer 
> Recordings\Im_Sorry_I_Havent_A_Clue_Series_66_-_6._Episode_6_b08578tr_original_dashmed_0_0.resume.txt/ 
> at C:\Program Files (x86)\get_iplayer\ line 8238.
> Any ideas?

I'm having similar problems but with TV. Radio is fine.

Running in the UK. Windows XP, GiP 2.97

Any TV programme that I try to record locks solid, no error message.

On another PC running Windows 10 but using GiP 2.94, it records fine.

This is my options file:

modes best
fileprefix <name> - <episode> - <firstbcastdate>
subtitles 1
output v:\BBC iPlayer Recordings
whitespace 1

This has started over the last two or three days.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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