2.97 failing to produce files

Jim web web at audiomisc.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 01:19:40 PST 2016

In article <42FB9FA5AB734668B7B82B794E7EB888 at vasonote>, Vangelis
<northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr> wrote:

> Now, this is a second issue, unrelated to GiP itself, in that your
> FFmpeg 3.2.2 build  (on Debian Jessie) appears unable to transcode a
> HE-AACv1 m4a file (produced by GiP) to MP3.

I only occasionally built myself a 'new' version of ffmpeg, and my memory
is unreliable. I also don't use Debian directly, but a downstream
derivative distro. However I do git the ffmpeg files from their source, not
my distro repositories.

I'm wondering if the problem here is due to the choice of switches to tell
the building to include all codecs? Maybe the building omitted some codecs
because they don't meet some open/free requirements or similar and the
process wasn't told to include them anyway.

IIRC you may have to configure the files to tell the make process to
include some 'proprietary' codec handling into the final ffmpeg executable.

Alternatively, I've forgotten earlier emails on this, but maybe a version
from the Debian repos omits the relevant codecs for open/free reasons?

Apologies if this is all irrelvant and I've misunderstood. But I've written
it in case it helps.

Someone with a better understanding (and a better memory than myself) may
be able to say more. I'd need to search though my notebooks to find the
instructions I wrote to remind me how to generate a new ffmpeg family to


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