2.97 failing to produce files

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Sun Dec 11 12:33:19 PST 2016

On Sun Dec 11 19:16:18 GMT 2016, Charles Johnson wrote:

> This one is errorful. It uses the latest version (3.2.2) of ffmpeg

... Have you tried the --ffmpeg-obsolete switch I suggested
with your 0.8.18 version, prior to updating to 3.2.2?

As Alan advised, please provide full GiP command used...
I am assuming

get_iplayer --type=radio --pid=b082wtgd --modes=flashaaclow

from the log...

> INFO: Mode list: flashaaclow1
> (snip)
> 606.216 kB / 96.90 sec (99.9%)
> DEBUG: RTMP_Read returned: 0
> Download complete
> DEBUG: Closing connection.

= RTMPdump successfully downloaded
the FLV file in its entirety

> INFO: Converted file: 
> /tmp/Bells_on_Sunday_-_All_Saints_Church_Worcester_b082wtgd_original.partial.m4a

= your updated FFmpeg 3.2.2 version was able to
successfully losslessly remux the "*.partial.m4a.flv" file
to the MP4 container, producing file "*.partial.m4a"

> INFO: Recorded file: 
> /tmp/Bells_on_Sunday_-_All_Saints_Church_Worcester_b082wtgd_original.m4a
> DEBUG: Record using flashaaclow1 mode return code: '0'

Thus, the offending issue reflected in your first post
has been rectified up to this point!
Indeed, had you issued

get_iplayer --type=radio --pid=b082wtgd --modes=flashaaclow

you'd have gotten yourself an .m4a end file.

>  INFO: Downloaded Thumbnail to 
> '/tmp/Bells_on_Sunday_-_All_Saints_Church_Worcester_b082wtgd_original.jpg'
> WARNING: Cannot tag M4A file

It looks as though AtomicParsley is missing
from your system, so MP4 tagging fails.

I am puzzled with the rest of your log;
FFmpeg 3.2.2 tries to transcode the downloaded
.m4a file to .mp3; but this isn't being done
through the --aactomp3 switch in GiP,
because in that case GiP creates an intermediate
"*.partial.mp3.flv" file and transcodes the
downloaded FLV file to an MP3 one,
without any interim M4A one (unless
my aging memory betrays me :-( )

So please, you need to provide the transcoding ffmpeg command used;

> Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from 
> './Bells_on_Sunday_-_All_Saints_Church_Worcester_b082wtgd_original.m4a':
> Output #0, mp3, to 
> 'Bells_on_Sunday_-_All_Saints_Church_Worcester_b082wtgd_original.m4a.mp3':
> (snip)
> Stream mapping:
> Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (aac (native) -> mp3 (libmp3lame))

It's during the transcoding from HE-AACv1 => MP3
that your copy of FFmpeg barfs...
Perhaps a regression introduced in 3.2.2?
I cannot get my hands on a FFmpeg 3.2.2 win32 binary
that would run on Vista, so can't check myself.

See if

get_iplayer --type=radio --pid=b082wtgd --modes=flashaaclow --force --mp3


Other things to try:
1. --radiomode=flashaacstd
(it's AAC LC, so might be compatible with FFmpeg 3.2.2)
2. Downgrade to FFmpeg 3.2.1 or even 3.0
(tested to work OK on Windows,
unknown how it fares in your setup).

One last thing: Is there a specific reason
you prefer the flashmodes to the default
dash and/or hls ones?

I'll be leaving home in a few, so I'll be
unavailable to follow this tonight -
others, feel free to jump in!


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