hvfvhigh, new ffmpeg, etc

Jim Lesurf jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 01:27:19 PDT 2016

I had time to do some more checking this morning before 9am. Got the
following results...

Fake or Fortune b07r1yhf

Fetched using the old 'flash' modes gave me 1280x720 picture and working
sound (converted using the installed - i.e. 'old - ffmpeg/avconv).  ffprobe
says the audio is aac (LC).

Fetched using hvfvhigh then using the 'old' conversion gave me a 960x540
picture and no sound with vlc. ffprobe says the audio is aac.

Fetched using hvfvhigh and using the new ffmpeg for conversion gave me
960x540 and plays fine with working sound. ffprobe says the audio is aac

So I get three different types of declaration of the audio format. Two
play, the other doesn't.

Of the three the old flash mode is best from my POV because of the 1280x720
and 25fps. But presumably this mode will cease being offered in due time.
Is there a new non-flash way to get 1280x720 25fps? I don't really want
50fps for everything. Or is one of the new 960x540 50fps modes actually
essentially as if interleaved and gives near-full HD for fairly static
images? (So far, not compared the above by viewing much. The only hvfhhigh
960x540 I've watched so far is a Dad's Army which presumably isn't a good
source for such a test!)

I still can't find out what actual command options ffmpeg/avconv are being
given when used to convert the ts to mp4. I have some previous ts files
obtained via hvfhd and would like to find out how (if possible) these can
be converted to mp4 with working sound. Anyone know the magic options for
the audio codec processing in this situation?


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