Audio/Video Out of Sync

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at
Sat Aug 13 13:51:05 PDT 2016

I wouldn't really say that I have any superior knowledge on this. My best guess on why these problems suddenly started about a month ago would be...
All of the segmenting, playlist creation etc will be done by some software at Akamai if they are doing the packaging. It's possible that maybe they have done a software update that has introduced a bug into their encoding systems. From what Jim said it sounds like Akamai have been doing this for the BBC for quite a while and in the past their software has processed things without any problems. So something has changed in the last month or so which has affected pretty much all of the content Akamai processes for the BBC. All I can think of is that something must have changed with the systems that are processing things.

> That successfully shoots down my tentative explanation, but unfortunately
> doesn't supply a better one.  Based on your superior knowledge of both GiP,
> and the BBC system, what is your understanding of why these problems started
> to occur about a month ago, bearing in mind that I've seen at least one in a
> DASH download as well (the night before last, last night's downloads were
> error free).

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