Olympics 2016 RedButton content, offered as catch-up

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Thu Aug 11 16:22:06 PDT 2016

>From: Vangelis forthnet Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2016 08:38

>Subject: Olympics 2016 RedButton content, offered as catch-up

>(Starting a new thread so the title could be more visible in the list 

It is easier to reply to your message, but I agree with Alan's comments.

> On the same note, I was contacted off-list by someone wanting the links 
> (and pids) for "table tennis" Olympic coverage...

So I'm not the only bear of too little brain to be able to find them.

>Your starting point for every Olympics 2016
>Sports category available as video-on-demand
>on the BBC iPlayer site (excluding main channel coverage) should be:


>(Rio 2016 Olympics: Sport-by-sport guides and iPlayer catch-ups)

My approach was
Olympic Games
Sport by Sport -> http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/rio-2016/sports

There is then a table of black and white logos.  If I click Equestrian I get 
taken to what looks like a page of news items.  If I scroll down below the 
fold there is an item
iPlayer catch ups for every Rio event
That is the page you have referred to, but it is made to look like just 
another news item, and it does not stand out.  I did not see it.  If you do 
the same for Tennis, that link is not even there.

As I have said before, what has thrown me is the way the links to live 
coverage just disappear when an event ends.  I would expect to have an 
announcement along the lines of, "The event has now finished so you can no 
longer watch the coverage live or from the beginning.  In about n hours you 
will be able to watch a catch up of the whole event by following this link 

The page you have referred to needs to be a lot more prominent.  There ought 
to be prominent links to it from the Sport home page, the Olympics page and 
the iPlayer home page.  Sorry, that's an off-topic rant against the BBC. 
The BBC can say in its defence that you found it, but you're a lot more 
methodical than I am.

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