Audio/Video Out of Sync

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Please see below ...

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> I was also told that the server demands have all been well below maximum
> capacity. I was given values but asked not to disclose details. So my
> impression is that the difference isn't down to server loadings as such.
> And I first encountered the problems I've seen well before the Olympics
> started.

Fair enough, but like tellyaddict's post it doesn't help us explain why
things have only recently gone pear-shaped.

> My impression was that the 'legacy' machines have their content
> segmented, etc, by someone other than the BBC. Whereas the BBC are
> doing this for the new ones. That may be the key difference.

Yes, that was what I understood from your previous posts, but as that has
presumably been happening for some time, it doesn't really explain why the
problems have only been occurring during the last month or so

> However, as I said, I don't understand this well enough to be sure. So I
> passed on what info I could.

For which I for one am grateful.

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