Refresh of podcast failing on Windows 10

SAO sao at
Sun Aug 7 08:47:11 PDT 2016

		On Sun, 31 Jul 2016 03:35:33 +0100, Vangelis forthnet  
<northmedia1 at> wrote:

> On Sat Jul 30 20:47:53 BST 2016, artisticforge . wrote:
>> I have get_iplayer-2.95 installed on Windows 10 on a toshiba laptop.
>> I have noticed yesterday and today that podcasts are not being  
>> refreshed.
>> the podcast.cache file is basically empty except for the field header  
>> line.
> First thing is I have a custom GiP 2.95 installation
> on Windows Vista SP2 x86 and I can't replicate
> your issue:
> perl --type=podcast -f --force

Belated thanks for this tip.  I can now update the podcast cache, under  
Win7, using this batch file, run from get_iplayer's home directory:

     PATH=c:\Program Files (x86)\get_iplayer\perl;c:\Program Files  
     perl --type=podcast -f --force

> in the CLI refreshes the podcast cache and some
> minutes ago created a 24.3 MiB sized
> "podcast.cache" file within
> %USERPROFILE%\.get_iplayer\
> while previous cache was backed up to "podcast.cache.old"


But it still fails when run from the GUI.


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