Radio 2 50s

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Sorry about the delay in replying, busy elsewhere. But success - see 

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> On Sun Apr 17 21:20:22 BST 2016, Don Grunbaum wrote:
>> I have added a recursive pvr job with the above "brand" pid, but
>> when I run the pvr it doesn't find any programmes, either in
>> pvr-single mode, or "normal" mode. I've tried it before with other
>> "brand" pids, but it has never worked for me.
> ... Sorry to hear that, Don :-(
> My OS is WinVista SP2 Home Premium 32bit, I have GiP 2.94 installed
> and prior to posting, I did try all the commands I advised you to
> use; they all worked as expected!

XP SP3 here, GiP 2.94

> In one of your previous posts you said:
>> The command line works fine.
> so that means you did manage to record some of the already broadcast
> radio shows belonging to brandPID=p03lsql7 by issuing
> get_iplayer --type=radio --pid=p03lsql7 --pid-recursive
> in the CLI (???).

Yes, I did

> Can you post the console output when running the pvr job, so that we
> can see what's possibly wrong? In the CLI run:
> get_iplayer --pvr-single="ONCE_BBC_Radio_2_50s" > PVR_log.txt 2&>1

I get "The syntax of the command is incorrect". :-(

However, running the pvr in full, it is now working. :-)
The only significant change seems to be the naming of the file
starting with ONCE. Does that make a difference? Does GiP treat these 
jobs differently? Normally they are deleted after a successful 


> I honestly hope you get this sorted!

Me too. I would rather have "brand" PIDs in the PVR than name matches
for a lot of what I download. If they all have to start with ONCE, I
can deal with that.

> Best regards.

Thanks again. I think I can now set up recursive jobs that will work.


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