Radio 2 50s

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Sun Apr 17 14:31:13 PDT 2016

On 17/04/16 21:20, Don Grunbaum (Gmail) wrote:
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>> On Sun Apr 17 13:36:01 BST 2016, Don Grunbaum wrote:
>>> I tried adding the equivalent command to the pvr,
>>> but (for me) the pid recursive doesn't work.
>> Hi again, Don :-)
>> Much like Howard, I do not use the Web PVR Manager
>> (GUI), except for testing things...
>> When you said you tried adding the "equivalent command"
>> to the "pvr", what did you actually do?
>> In the above context, does "pvr" = "Web PVR Manager"
>> or were you actually trying to set up a PVR job?
>> The "Quick URL" input field of the GUI does not accept,
>> I'm afraid, the "--pid-recursive" switch :-(
>>> Anybody else had any success with
>>> that option within the pvr?
>> If you want to create a PVR job for brandPID=p03lsql7
>> you can do so via the CLI:
>> get_iplayer --type=radio --pid=p03lsql7 --pid-recursive --modes=best 
>>  --pvr-add="ONCE_BBC_Radio_2_50s"
>> (Notice the prefix "ONCE_" in the PVR search's name,
>> because this is a pid related PVR job.)
>> If you're using the GUI, then selecting the "PVR List" tab
>> you'll see that "ONCE_BBC_Radio_2_50s" has been added
>> to the list. Tick that PVR search and then hit tab button
>> "Run PVR" to manually initiate the downloads via the GUI;
>> or you can use the "Run PVR Scheduler Now" shortcut to
>> fetch at a later time (or use the CLI:
>> get_iplayer --pvr-single="ONCE_BBC_Radio_2_50s")
>> As suggested by Graham, once you have downloaded
>> everything you wanted, disable/delete the PVR job
>> through the GUI or CLI.
>> Hope I've helped,
>> Best regards from 27 Celsius Greece!
>> Vangelis.
> Thanks again Vangelis
> I have added a recursive pvr job with the above "brand" pid, but when 
> I run the pvr it doesn't find any programmes, either in pvr-single 
> mode, or "normal" mode. I've tried it before with other "brand" pids, 
> but it has never worked for me.

Are you specifying type=radio?

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