how to set flashaaclow1 as default download for radio?

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sun Apr 17 15:16:20 PDT 2016

On Sun Apr 17 21:47:47 BST 2016, Stuart Henderson wrote: 

> You can avoid the need to override when downloading tv: 
> there are separate tvmode and radiomode options. 

Very true! :-) 
The best approach for Majid would be to use: 

get_iplayer --radiomode=flashaaclow -prefs-add

Some points to consider:
1.The "1" appended to the mode is not really needed; 
GiP by default tries the "1" CDN; in the rare case the 1st 
CDN fails for some reason, it will fall over to flashaaclow2, 
thus increasing your chances of having a successful download; 
if "flashaaclow1" is set as a permanent pref, no download 
would occur if CDN=1 is failing...
2. From a quality point of view, flashaaclow = HE-AACv1 @48kbps; 
for speech radio (4,4xtra, 5live, World News etc.) it is adequate, 
but for music content (1, 1xtra, 2, 3, 6music etc) it is a noticeable 
degradation from the default (in the UK) flashaacstd (AAC LC @128kbps).
3. Please do bear in mind you have added that pref. 
The beeb have announced the flashmodes (over RTMP) 
are to go eventually; when that happens, having that 
permanent pref will result in no audio downloads; 
perhaps it'd be best to set hlsaaclow (same bitrate as 
flashaaclow) as default radiomode, because AppleHLS 
streams will outlive the RTMP ones.
4. In the next GiP release (2.95) flashaaclow (/hlsaaclow) 
has been "renamed" to flashlow (/hlsaaclow), so when 2.95 
is released (no word yet), probably you'd need to update 
that pref.
5. Finally, some audio content (mainly audio clips/extracts) 
are only available as 128kbps, so those won't work...

Best regards, 

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