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Thanks for the responses, both on and off list.

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> On Fri Apr 8 21:05:27 BST 2016, Don Grunbaum wrote:
>> Does anybody know where the default settings
>> for the web PVR manager are held?
>> Are they in a cookie, or somewhere else?
> Hi Don - it depends on what you mean by "default";
> have a quick read of:
> https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/wiki/webpvr#settings

By "default" I mean those that are saved by the "Save as Default" 

This covers those, so thank you.

> Changes to the WebPVR "defaults" made through the GUI
> are stored as browser cookies, from "localhost" (or "",
> in older versions of the WeBPVR) hostname - if you have
> browser addons or browser settings that clear cookies after
> browser is exited, those "settings" will be lost. You then have
> to exclude "localhost" from its cookies being wiped out,
> if you want those settings to persist between browser sessions.
> The WebPVR picks other GiP settings from GiP's options files,
> system options:
> %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\get_iplayer\options
> User options:
> %USERPROFILE%\.get_iplayer\options
> Please do read
> https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/wiki/webpvr#relationship-to-cli
> carefully, to understand how the "CLI" settings
> (stored in options files) and in what hierarchy
> are being used by the GUI along the ones
> stored in browser cookies.

I am aware of that file, which applies to any way that GiP commands 
are launched.

>> I'm trying to switch from Chrome to Firefox
> The "Web PVR Manager" windows shortcut
> always opens the system default browser - as
> Alan has suggested, if you want to use Firefox
> for the WebPVR, then you should make Firefox
> the default browser.
> If you are currently only experimenting, then, once
> Web PVR Manager launches Google Chrome,
> you can exit Chrome, launch Firefox and open
> a "http://localhost:1935/" firefox tab to access
> the local WebPVR server.

Yes, been doing that, no problem.

> (What I have done personally is keep IE
> as the system default, but modified
> "pvr_manager.cmd" file to use Firefox in a new tab:
> - .\pvr_manager.url
> + "%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P default -new-tab 
> "http://localhost:1935/"
> use at your own risk...)

There be serpents! :-)

> ... and one OT comment:
> While you are trying to switch from Chrome to Firefox,
> the Mozilla devs are doing all their best to ape/clone
> Chrome!

But the Mozilla Devs haven't dropped support for Windows XP (yet!). My 
only reason for switching is that Chrome keeps popping up a message 
that support for XP has ceased, and I can't turn it off. I am 
gradually migrating to a new Windows 10 PC (pause for Linux users to 
snigger), but it's a long process in my particular case.

I will have to copy and paste between Chrome and Firefox to transfer 
the settings, I guess.

Incidentally (as a nod to a different thread) my original post and 
this are sent via Outlook Express on Windows XP, in plain text, and 
they get through. A few people's posts arrive with the content as 
attachments, but that doesn't matter (to me).

> Regards,
> Vangelis.

Thanks again, Vangelis, for your ever comprehensive reply. You could 
have simply said RTFM!

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