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Sorry - by muppets at the top I meant Dodgy Dave and his chums, not the Beeb.

I have many arguments with the U.K. government.   Having endured a lower quality of life in the US, I hate the way that we are aping that failed society and the way that they are taking it out on excellent public services such as the Beeb, the NHS, schools, etc.

Wow.   Seriously OT!

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>> There is a MASSIVE market for BBC material outside the UK - I wish that
>> instead of knocking the BBC, the present muppets-at-the-top realised
>> what a huge asset is was and promoted it around the world.
> The people at the top of the BBC aren't allowed to. Argue with the UK
> *government*. But if you do, note the Radio Times (*not* owned by the BBC)
> repeatedly making a fuss about the minister responsible failing to read
> many thousands of submissions wrt the future of the BBC whilst claiming he
> has done so. And then look at his track record and not be surprised.
> I won't go on as this gets very OT. But I wish people wouldn't blame people
> at the BBC because of the way those around them tie their hands. Tell the
> politicians it is *their* job to make possible what you want and to get
> them off the BBC's back.
> But note that some politicians may not want the BBC to thrive and would
> rather it did less, than it did more. So you may be talking to those who
> turn a deaf ear.
> Erm... IMHO. 8-]
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