get_iplayer broken again!! (April 2016)

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Mon Apr 4 19:27:18 PDT 2016

On Tue Apr 5 02:00:25 BST 2016, I wrote: 

>> the BBC have killed the .xml feeds again.
> This is indeed true for now (ca. 00:45 UTC). 
> I tested an hour ago and all was fine :-( 
> (snip)
> (.... and how I just hate myself for always 
> putting off GiP downloads for later..)

 Radio feeds are the only ones still working in GiP 2.94; 
no podcasts, nor TV. So the radio.cache gets 
 If you are in a hurry to fetch a programme with 
imminent expiry, please use the develop branch - 
any snapshot newer (and including) commit 
git-b9adeaa (pushed on Jan 2016 20:24:31Z) 
will supposedly do:

Latest commit at the time of posting is:

You'll have to fetch via PID - tag metadata of 
downloaded file may be minimal/incorrect - 
the same goes for embedded thumbnail 
(might not be the proper one...). 

 Do acknowledge that the develop branch is 
completely unsupported - keep an eye on the 
support forum for announcements/instructions 
by the code maintainer (dinkypumpkin).


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