Bit rate from --aactomp3

SquarePenguin getiplayer at
Sun May 31 04:52:43 PDT 2015

On 31/05/2015 12:27, RS wrote:
> It is difficult to see what parameters get_iplayer passes to ffmpeg.

The ability get_iplayer has to convert from aac to mp3 is somewhat of an
anomoly. It's been generally stated in the past that using a more
specialist piece of software to perform the conversion would be

That said, there exists the ability to control the bitrate of the
conversion via the --mp3vbr command. Commands range from 0 to 9 (0 being
the 'best').

More info can be found in this forum thread:

...and in the Options Wiki (ctrl+f 'mp3vbr'):

If you can't view those pages for any reason, the relevant text relating
to mp3vbr from the Options Wiki is:


Set LAME VBR mode to N (0 to 9) for AAC transcoding. 0 = target bitrate
245 Kbit/s, 9 = target bitrate 65 Kbit/s (requires --aactomp3). Applied
only to radio programmes.

A full example command might look like:

get_iplayer --type=radio --get "Late Junction" --aactomp3 --mp3vbr=0

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