Bit rate from --aactomp3

Christopher Woods christopher at
Sun May 31 03:42:28 PDT 2015

Space considerations aside, why would you want to do that? A transcode to a 
128 kbps MP3 will sound bad enough, never mind adhering to a 48 kbps bit rate.

IMO the only way it might sound even barely listenable would be if the 
resultant MP3 was a mono transcode, then you're not far from quality of a 
128 stereo.

Apologies if I didn't get the gist of your question!


On 31 May 2015 11:28:44 "RS" <richard22j at> wrote:

> Is there any way (apart from running ffmpeg manually) to get get_iplayer to
> respect the --radiomode flashaaclow option when --aactomp3 is used?
> In get_iplayer v2.91 --radiomode flashaaclow causes the download to be
> at 48kbit/s as expected.  The --aactomp3 conversion then changes the bit
> rate to 128kbit/s.
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