Revolting People & PVR Manager

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sat May 30 15:16:38 PDT 2015

On Sat May 30 20:10:17 BST 2015, James Daley wrote:

> I routinely use the excellent PVR Manager

Do you mean the Web PVR manager GUI,
that opens in a browser window (or tab)?

> it seems unable to find "Revolting People"
> even though it is in the cache

 I never use the Web PVR manager myself,
if indeed it's about that, but when I fired up mine
(latest viesion, "get_iplayer Web PVR Manager v2.92,
©2009-2010 Phil Lewis - Licensed under GPLv3")
I did notice at first glance that by default
under the "Search in" input field only
"BBC TV" is ticked; "Revolting People"
being a radio series, maybe you need to also
tick the "BBC Radio" square so that it also
searches the radio.cache, too!
As Don said, if I search for "Revolting People"
under "Name" with "BBC Radio" ticked,
your show is quickly found and can be
processed further accordingly (e.g. "Queue"
saves the following one-off PVR Search:

Queuing The Following Programmes in the PVR
Revolting People: Series 1 - Storm Clouds (b007jrqj)

Queued: radio: 'Revolting People: Series 1 - Storm Clouds' (b007jrqj)
INFO: Saving PVR search 'ONCE_b007jrqj':
 comment Revolting People: Series 1 - Storm Clouds (queued: Sun May 31 
01:09:18 2015)
 force 0
 modes default
 pid b007jrqj
 subtitles 0
 thumb 0
 type radio

I know I'm not being very helpful, especially as
my OS is Win32, still it's hard to say what's wrong in your case
with the little info you provide...


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