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Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Sat May 30 14:36:55 PDT 2015

On Sat May 30 12:03:58 BST 2015, Ralph Corderoy wrote:

>> I received this private e-mail from Ralph Corderoy:
> (I think it's widely considered impolite to make private emails public. 
> :-)

Hi again, Ralph!
You are quite right, in fact I try to respect this as much as possible...
What I consider as exception is when I receive a private e-mail
which was most obviously meant for the list; multible times previously
on this list there have been lengthy discussions about the use
of the buttons "Reply", "Reply-to-All", "Reply-to-List" (e.g.
my mail client lacks the "Reply-to-List" button) and the particular
configuration of this list (see also 
and people have admitted they inadvertently replied to a
single poster, rather than the list
(@ALL: Please, don't bring this topic back to life again,
it has been exhaustively discussed already...).
Of course it is up to me to decide arbitrarily whether
the private e-mail I received, based on its context, was in
reality meant for the list and hence forward it here;
for instance, in post
I forwarded Andrew's reply because I felt
he was aiming for the list (> I'm sure i'm
not alone in being quite a heavy user...), not only me,
in any case no sensitive personal data of Andrew's
was divulged by doing so...

Obviously, your last private e-mail was destined for me,
but I decided to forward it here because it was my
judgement (feel free to call it poor, I wouldn't mind :-) ) that
1) no sensitive personal details of yours were contained therein
2) it would benefit other list watchers/members
in case they tried what you did (i.e. change the subject field)
and discover their attempt did not yield the outcome
they planned/expected (based on their experience from
other lists).
If you felt your privacy was violated in any way by
my actions, I sincerely apologise to you and hope
that no ill sentiment exists on your part...

--- About the list behaviour/configuration: ---

To be honest, I know very little about mailing lists
and outside this particular one I'm only following
two other (and only intermittently) - In the past
(I follow this list since Jan 2011) I did try to alter
the subject field once and found my post was sent for
moderation; I did not really question this, I felt I
must've done something wrong, so I deleted my post
from the moderation queue and reposted it with
the original subject string; my post got through!
 The list owner is Mr David Woodhouse - he
occasionally posts here when list related issues
(like this one) arise; if you track his posts to the list
via the archives, you can find the e-mail address
he uses, if you feel it's imperative to contact him...
I never felt the need to question the list configuration,
I try to respect the netiquette and am really
obliged to David this list continues to exist...

Kind regards,

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