OT Live Streaming Radio 4 News

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Thu May 28 09:49:45 PDT 2015

On Thu May 28 15:25:38 BST 2015, CJB wrote:

> Try Hola - its a VPN app. that fools the Beeb's servers
> into believing that the user is in the UK.

With due respect Chris, 
how is this related to Andrew's original query?

>> Does the demise of RMTP mean that g_ip 
>> may cease to be able to handle on demand audio?

Moreover,  judging from Andrew's email address, 
I can tell he's based in the UK, so a UK VPN is 
totally irrelevant here...

Also, earlier in this very thread, you posted: 

> Maybe try connecting via a VPN app. like Hola? 
> This would allow viewing of t.v. progs too.

as a reply to Budgie's Radio 4 issue, who is also 
located physically in the UK...

If you were a first time poster to the list, 
I'd definitely say you are spamming the list 
with Hola plugs... Please stop doing it...

(And I personally have no problem with it, 
but both the list maintainer (David Woodhouse) 
and the code maintainer (dinkypumpkin - sadly 
no longer posts here) have made it clear 
that mention of geo-blocking circumvention 
methods is not tolerated - especially in a public 
list that is indexed by Google and, most probably, 
monitored by BBC personnel...)


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