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> > On Mon, 25 May 2015 08:07:05 +0100, Jim Lesurf wrote:
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> > > I've been trying to get the "Peter Grimes" opera broadcast on BBC4
> > > last night. But all I can get in response is


> Hi Jim, As you've rightly spotted, the only version of this is called
> "open". Normally get_iplayer would pick this up and use it as default
> but it seems not to in this case. Adding --versions=open to your
> get_iplayer command should work for you.

OK, thanks to Howard and yourself for the help.

I used --playlist-metadata at lunchtime and gip duly fetched me the
flashhd1 of Peter Grimes OK.[1] But I was about to say I was puzzled by why
this particular programme requires the special treatment, and then ask what
I can do to routinely overcome it.

I'll add the --versions=open to my default command string unless someone
points out a drawback when the file fetch doesn't need it.



[1] All I can dream of now is an HD version of Britten conducting the War
Requiem. That'd be great. Realise it's a fantasy, though. But maybe they'll
repeat the Billy Budd which was broadcast before I started using gip! :-)

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