BBC R1 Big Weekend - not showing in the inventory

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sun May 24 17:53:52 PDT 2015

On Sun May 24 23:24:19 BST 2015, Kevin Lynch wrote:

> BBC R1 Big Weekend - not showing in the inventory
> the old recursive download by PID has been my friend.
> so I'm downloading everything via 

If by "inventory" you mean the tv cache, then:

 On , 
some of the listings that are 60min or longer in duration 
where actually broadcast on BBC Three - the others 
are extended highlights from full performances broadcast 
previously on the Red Button & the online live video feeds 
that were available during Sat & Sun in the main 
R1 Big Weekend site:

As for the BBC Three shows, for reasons better 
known to the BBC, they are not included in the 
iplayer feeds info. If it's anything to go by, the 
same thing happened last year and was reported by me:

(and back then that was with the XML feeds, that 
they later abolished in October 2014...).

The other video excerpts (highlights) are treated as "clips" by 
BBC iPlayer, so they are not included in the 
catch-up feeds and hence do not populate the tv cache...

> Do we need get_iplayer to take into account 
> the fact that "Radio 1" is now a TV channel too?

As far as I know, BBC Radio 1's video channel 
is an "iPlayer only" one:

only lists Video-On-Demand in the form of clips 
or even TV shows from other ("real") TV channels, 
such as CBBC
(.BTW, more R1BW stuff is over at:
I don't think there's a separate "R1 TV channel" feed; 
if anyone knows otherwise, do tell...


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